We can provide support and advice on planning your business development in medical and healthcare industry

 Commercial support of your business

• Orders and key accounts management

• Business development strategy management

• Organisation of your commercial network

• Improve your selling propositions to grow your business


Our distribution channels and management services focus on manufacturers poised to sell their products in the EMEA region.

•Defining the best sales strategy and determining your individually matched distribution channels

• Finding medical distributors in the EMEA region through our experienced contacts and our network partners

• Assisting you during the negotiation process until finalization of a contract

• Managing your already established medical distributors on your behalf

• Developing a sales organization and tracking your sales


Knowing the market barriers is the key to succeeding in market entry and development.

• Research of market structure, and market segmentation

• Determination of market sizes and potentials

• Investigation of market situation and tendency

• Competitor analysis

• Analysis of product and market prices


Directed sales and marketing plan is critical to your business success.

• Client management

• Managing customer satisfaction processes

• Building and managing supply chain relationships

• Finding the optimal marketing strategy for your marketing objectives

• Selecting the best strategic sales channels for your medical devices and your company

• Specifying marketing tools and implementing the appropriate communication

• Giving product trainings to your sales team

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